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Saturday, August 09, 2008

An update on recent events: The Art Institute of Washington: I have been incredibly busy teaching at the Art Institute. The school keeps growing which keeps my classes packed with new faces. As the school grows, it also has become more and more organized which has allowed me to fall into a regular schedule and reduce some of my volunteer responsibilities as I gear up to move into Lorton and focus my attention on my portraits and fine art. All-in-all I find that teaching here has helped me to grow as an instructor as well as an artist, and I am glad for this position and all that I have learned in my four years there. Lorton Workhouse: The Lorton Workhouse is a nerve-racking experience. As they near the end of phase 1 of construction, the time is finally near when I can move my studio out of my crampt 1 bedroom condo. The opening ceremonies are scheduled for mid September, so be sure and keep up to date by visiting www.lortonarts.org. During the ceremonies, be sure to check me out. I will have a tent to display my work, and will be giving several free workshops and lectures the weekend of the 20th in an attempt to pull people into taking classes. Yavelberg Studios: Besides the move, I have been focusing my attention toward portraiture in an attempt to pad my portfolio for my push for new clients. I have been working on paingings of friends and family and have been practicing demonstrational portrait painting so that I can seem calm and collected when painting in front of a crowd. I am still working on sculpture and other fine art to break from the portraits, and I even produced several photographs. I have updated the website with all current works, so feel free to browse around and find all the new stuff.

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