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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, my website is up and running and I have been getting some good feedback. One thing I have been asked to add is a listing of available works with prices (adendum: I did a quick and easy version which is up and running). This might take awhile to add, but I do intend to get to that. Also, I have had an itching to get back to critical writing. I feel I have been neglecting these skills and should get back to it. I of course am opinionated and need to get those opinions out. The first main commentary will definately be about the state of nudity in the contemporary art scene. You think this would be a non-issue, but I encounter strong reactions to my classical nudes at many of the venues I show. I have since decided not to show at venues that do not allow for nudes as that is the direction some of my artwork has been going. I inted to write a lot more on this issue as I believe it is important.

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