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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ok, back to the rambling posts while I find time to research more meaningful ones.... I am currently on break from one school and teaching mainly in the evenings at another. It is difficult work with very few breaks, and they both demand a lot of extra effort on my part. Currently I am working on figuring out how I plan to approach my classes at the Art Institute next quarter. I have taught two of these courses before, but I belive I haven't recieved the quality of work from the students that I desire. I plan to change these two up to allow for more time on projects and hopefully more solid work through critique. I believe that if you give a student too little time and overload them with too much information, then the quality seems to go down drastically in their work. Also, since I was lazy about critique last quarter, I belive this also hurt the quality of work that was produced. Students need a little kick in the ass to get their stuff done. The other class I have been faced with (and yes, another class that is new for me. You'd think that I had taught everything at this point) is Visual Form and Content. I believe this course is right up my alley, but it has been a challenge to come up with ideas for projects. I really want to grab these students and shake them up a bit to see what they can produce. It seems to me that this class is based off the idea of stressing the design process to produce outcomes that are unique to their content. It also stresses the importance of the artist statement. As many know, this is something I do hold in high importance as well in my work as can be seen in the many artist statements that accompany my work online. This is an area that students fall short as they are mainly visual learners and forget the importance of being able to talk about their work. Yes, a work of art should be able to speak for itself, but if the artist doesn't know how to talk about it, then how is their work supposed to really have any content. Anyway, this post seems quite random after not posting in so long, but I assure you that it won't as I begin talking and joining the world again. Keep looking back for interesting statements towards my life.

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