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Saturday, January 29, 2005

In an effort to obtain more commissions we have recently published an advertisement in the Washingtonian Magazine. It will be running for the next three months, so I hope this generates some interest in our commissioned work. I also recently have been given the opportunity to monitor an open drawing session in Reston at the Lake Ann community center which will be held every other Thursday and I will publish the info for that soon. Shows: I will be showing in the AiW faculty show starting early in February. Again, I will post all the info on the main page soon. I have also been struggling through many paintings at the moment. I appologize for not showing anyone what I have been up to, but the struggle for an artist with his own work can be a tough one. As of late it has been an up-hill battle with no deadlines and lots on my mind. I have a ton of great paintings stuck up in my brain, I just have to find the time and energy to pump them out. Stay with me and I will update soon with a couple of new paintings that are very near completion.

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