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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Artomatic 2004- Artomatic went well and I recieved much praise from my friends, but overall, the show was not that important. The show did have many amaturish artists as the critics stated, and their work did reflect a lot of what the show was about. An unjurried show this large in DC is not so much about the art in the end as it is the act of getting the artistic community together to celebrate what they do as a living or just as a hobbie. I noticed that a lot of my cards dissapeared which could be a good thing as I am looking for commissions to keep me busy during the holliday break from AiW. One poet went around the show and wrote small poems about works that inspired her. She left the following poem to Park Bench, Daily Commute and Lunch Break: Intimacy Only when you think you're alone do you smile to yourself or your cell phone. Brash November 12, 2004 In other news, I will probably be moving into the Dupont Circle area for a month or so as I house-sit for the Coles. I believe that I will have use of Robert's amazing studio to work through some of the cold winter months as I take care of his townhouse a block away. I plan to be working my fingers to the bone producing paintings. I have a few more paintings lined up for my Technological Genre series as well as a portrait I wish to do even though the buyer might not be on the hook yet. There is also a new series of paintings I wish to crank out about a billiards game focusing on color and composition as well as the interaction of the figures centered around this game. I will post more pictures as I take them, but keep in mind that I am looking for more work, so pass on the news.

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