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Monday, May 03, 2004

Just got back from Florida. I had a wonderful time as I already have said, but the drive back was grueling due to the many hours of downpour that we had to drive through. Gainesville was fun. I was able to hang with Austin for a bit and just relax like old times (except that Austin neither drinks alcohol or coke anymore). He did however get me interested in live journal, a web journal community that has smaller communities that seem to bring people together depending on interest. Anyway, a bunch of my buddies are using it, so I thought I would contribute and stay in better touch with my friends, trouble is it doesn't publish to my website like blogger, so I will either have to keep both up or drop blogger and link to this new live journal. I'll give it time before I make any decisions because I feel too lazy right now to do all the HTML editing.

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