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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Josh in the sunshine state... Back in sunny South Florida. The weather has been great, the girls beautiful, and me jealous. But I know that I would never like to live down there again, the atmosphere is just not my style, though it can be for a week. I was able to visit with a lot of old friends, see some familiar places which are no longer familiar, and understand that Miami isn't what it used to be. Louis Ulman, my old mentor was somewhat of an inspiration while I was visiting. He now teaches at Art Institute Miami, and has been trying to convince me to come down and teach there with him. I would of course except for the fact that it is Miami, a town which I have had quite enough with. But he did enlighten me to the fact that there is a branch of the Art Institue in Washington, and they are always looking for qualified drawing instructors and historians. Two qualifications which I happen to meet. So it is back to DC, where I will apply for a teaching position for Fall or perhaps Spring in order to raise more money for the property I wish to buy.

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